“Makoto Shinkai Works -Makoto Shinkai official portal site-” is a website managed by CoMix Wave Films Inc. (“CWF” hereafter). The purpose of this site is to introduce the works of director Makoto Shinkai, from his debut work, Voices of a Distant Star to the present.

Main Contents

Film Page
This page introduces the film works directed by Shinkai. For works that have official websites (Japanese only) or related websites, links to those sites can be found here. The works are also divided into their respective categories, such as “feature film” or “commercial”.

Other Page
This page provides information on projects other than films that Shinkai himself worked on, as well as information on exhibitions of his works. Articles are divided into categories such as “novels” or “exhibitions.”
※Does not include exhibitions held prior to 2012.
※We are currently working to include illustrations and other works as well.

Site Policy

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