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Taisei Corporation TV CM
“Bosphorus Strait Tunnel”

Taisei Corporation TV CM “Bosphorus Strait Tunnel”


Broadcast December 2011 – Duration 30/15 seconds
This work depicts a woman engineer striving to overcome her own limits at the construction site of a railway tunnel in the straits of Turkey, and was researched on-location. It uses the same character coloring as 5 Centimeters Per Second, and created in the same unique “Shinkai” style. The theme song is from the same popular singer songwriter who worked on Children Who Chase Lost Voices, Kumaki Anri. This is the second in a series of animated commercials for Taisei Corporation following Director Ushio Tazawa’s “Doha International Airport”.


  • Director and Storyboard: Makoto Shinkai
  • Character Design and Animation Director: Kenichi Tsuchiya
  • Theme Song: Anri Kumaki “Fight!”
  • Assistant Animators: Takayo Nishimura, Michi Kishino
  • In-Between Animation: The Answer Studio
  • Background Art: Tasuku Watanabe, Sayuri Honda, Kaoru Takino, Makoto Shinkai
  • 3DCG: Yoshitaka Takeuchi
  • Digital Paint: Airi Ichikawa, Yoko Miki


  • Narration: Mei Kurokawa

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