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    “The Garden of Words” Artwork Exhibit


    Venue: Nara Prefecture Complex of Man’yo Culture
    Dates: March 9, 2014 ~ May 11

    This exhibition was held at a center devoted to the appreciation of ancient Manyoshu poetry due to the central role played by a Manyoshu poem in The Garden of Words. Exhibition featured stills, animation keyframes, storyboards and image boards.

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    “Makoto Shinkai Works Artwork Exhibit” Kotobukiya Fukuoka Tenjin


    Venue: Kotobukiya Fukuoka Tenjin [Kotobukiya Base / Tenjin]
    Dates: July 24, 2013 ~ August 4

    Exhibition featuring stills from Shinkai’s works from She and Her Cat to The Garden of Words as well as original artwork, storyboards, image boards and posters from the works’ original releases.

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    “The Garden of Words” Keyframe Exhibit ufotable Cafe & DINING


    “The Garden of Words” Cafe (Keyframe Exhibit / Collaborative Menu)
    Venue: ufotable cafe (TOKYO and TOKUSHIMA)
    Dates: May 30, 2013 ~ June 16

    “The Garden of Words” DINING (Keyframe Exhibit / Collaborative Menu)
    Venue: ufotable DINING
    Dates: May 30, 2013 ~ June 18

    The Garden of Words keyframe animation exhibit held at gallery spaces. Also featured collaborative menus inspired by the work and original coasters as gifts for visitors.

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    “Makoto Shinkai Exhibit” Tower Records Shibuya


    “Makoto Shinkai Exhibit” Tower Records Shibuya
    Venue: Tower Records Shibuya 8F “SpaceHACHIKAI”
    Dates: May 22, 2013 ~ June 9

    Held to commemorate the opening of The Garden of Words, this exhibit featured stills, animation keyframes, storyboards, and image boards from Shinkai’s works up to The Garden of Words as well as screenings of a behind-the-scenes documentary and other related videos. In addition, a collaborative menu was featured in the TOWER RECORDS CAFE.

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    “Makoto Shinkai Exhibit” Koumi Museum of Art


    Venue: Koumi-machi Kougen Museum of Art
    Dates: September 15, 2012 ~ November 25

    Exhibitions of stills, storyboards and animation keyframes from works including Children Who Chase Lost Voices, 5 Centimeters Per Second, The Place Promised In Our Early Days, Voices of a Distant Star, and She and Her Cat in addition to screenings.

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