2021/7/2 Notification

Second Set of “The Garden of Words” LINE Themes Now On Sale!

“Wisteria trellis,” the second set of creator LINE themes based on “The Garden of Words” is now on sale!
Change your theme to a world of wisteria and brighten up the rainy season!


Product: “The Garden of Words” Wisteria trellis Line Theme
Category: Creator Themes
Price: 150 LINE Coins/370 Yen (*As of June 2021)
For more information, see the URL below

LINE Store Official Homepage

2021/4/12 Notification

“The Works of Makoto Shinkai – The Garden of Words Background Collection” is coming soon…!

Makoto Shinkai’s film “The Garden of Words” was released in 2013 to acclaim from the world of film aficionados. An art book featuring its lavish and detailed art design will finally be released in Japan on 24 June.
The release will contain over 140 backgrounds as well as design documents, storyboards, and other “making of” material. Interviews with director Makoto Shinkai and art director Hiroshi Takiguchi will also be included.

kotonohaArt_M (1)

2017/5/23 Notification

The 36th Fujimoto Award : Makoto Shinkai won Fujimoto Award

Director Makoto Shinkai and Producer Noritaka Kawaguchi, Yoshihiro Furusawa, Genki Kawamura, won Fujimoto Award at the 36th Fujimoto Award.This award praising distinguished movie producer.

Please see Fujimoto Award Official Page(Japanese only)for more details.

2017/5/23 Notification

The 20th JAPAN MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL : “Your name.” received Grand Prize

“Your name.” received Grand Prize in the Animation Division at the 20th JAPAN MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL

Please see 20th JAPAN MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL Official Sitefor more details.(English)

2017/4/12 Notification

CARTOON ON THE BAY 2017 : “Your name.” won Awards in three different categories

“Your name.” won the following prizes at the CARTOON ON THE BAY 2017 in Italy.

■Best Director Award(Makoto Shinkai)
■Best Screenplay Award(Makoto Shinkai)
■Studio of the year 2017(CoMix Wave Films)

Please seeCARTOON ON THE BAY 2017for more details.

2017/3/24 Notification

The 26th Japan Movie Critics Award : Makoto Shinkai received Best Director Award

Makoto Shinkai received Best Director Award in the animation category at the 26th Japan Movie Critics Award.

Please see Japan Movie Critics Award(Japanese only)for more details.

2017/3/22 Notification

SUGOI JAPAN Award2017 : “your name. : A Novel” won 1st Prize.

“your name. : A Novel” won 1st Prize in the Entertainment Novel Division at the SUGOI JAPAN Award2017.

Please see SUGOI JAPAN Award2017 Official Page(Japanese only)for more details.

2017/1/19 Notification

The 71th MAINICHI FILM AWARDS:”Your name.” won the Best Animation Film Award

“Your name.” won the Best Animation Film Award at the 71th MAINICHI FILM AWARDS. Also, this film won 1st prize for the Film Fans Award 2016(Japanese movies) by TSUTAYA×Filmarks
was chosen by film fans.

Please see the below site for more details.
MAINICHI Newspaper’s News Site(Japanese only)
TSUTAYA Official News Site(Japanese only)

2017/1/17 Notification

The 40th Japan Academy Film Prize: “Your name.” received Excellence Awards

“Your name.” received the following Excellent Prizes in four different categories at the 40th Japan Academy Film Prize.

Excellent Prize for Animation Film(”your name.”)
Excellent Prize for Director(Makoto Shinkai)
Excellent Prize for Screenplay(Makoto Shinkai)
Excellent Prize for Music(RADWIMPS)

Please see Japan Academy Film Prize Official Sitefor more details.(Japanese only)

2017/1/4 Notification

The 29th Nikkan Sport Film Awards: Makoto Shinkai received the Best Director Award

Makoto Shinkai received the Best Director Award at the 29th Nikkan Sport Film Award.

Please see Official News Site of Nikkan Sport for more details.(Japanese only)