2016/10/24 Notification

The 29th TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FILM FEATIVAL2016: Makoto Shinkai received ARIGATŌ Award

Makoto Shinkai received ARIGATŌ (Thank You) Award honoring remarkable contributions to the Japanese film industry at the 29th TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL(TIFF).

Please see TIFF Official Site for more details.

2016/10/19 Notification

The 49th Sitges Film Festival : “your name. ” won the award for the Best Feature Length Film(Anima’t)

“your name.” won the award for Best Feature Length Film (Anima’t) at the 2016 Sitges – 49th International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia in Spain.

Plese see 2016 Sitges Film Festival Official Site for more details.

2016/10/11 Notification

Newtype Anime Award 2015-2016: “your name.” won the 1st Prize(Animated movies)

“your name.” won the 1st Prize at Newtype Anime Award 2015-2016 in the animated movies category.
This film won the following prizes in four different categories.
1st Prize for Best Film
2nd Prize for Theme song(“Zenzenzense”by RADWIMPS)
2nd Prize for Music
3rd Prize for Best Director

Please see Web Newtype Official Site for more details.(Japanese only)

2016/8/8 Notification

“Makoto Shinkai Works”-Chinese site now OPEN

“Makoto Shinkai Works / Makoto Shinkai official portal site” is now OPEN in Chinese!
*able to choose the language with the upper right buttons.

2016/5/7 etc

Makoto Shinkai chosen to be one of “10 Animators to Watch” on Variety magazine

Shinkai became the first Japanese person to be selected for Variety magazine’s “10 Animators to Watch” award.

The Director’s Comment
I am honored to be selected for the “10 Animators to Watch” award for Variety, a magazine that has over a century of history behind it. My abilities as a creator are very modest, and though we live in an age that is sometimes touted as the downfall of Japanese entertainment, I intend to look into the distance and far above with my staff to create works that we can be proud of both in Japan and overseas. Thank you so much for this wonderful award.

>Variety Official Site