2016/4/14 Notification

Shinkai Merchandise Now Available Online

To fans in the US – Shinkai-related prodcuts are now available on RightStuf!
In addition to the US edition DVD and Blu-rays, exclusive merchandise from Japan will also be on sale in May and is available for pre-order! Order now or reserve by clicking on the banner at the bottom of the homepage, or go here:
*Shipping outside of the US is currently unavailable.

2016/4/6 Notification

your name. in theaters August 26

Shinkai’s latest film, “your name.” will be in theaters on August 26.

Music will be by RADWIMPS. Over 20 tracks are planned for the soundtrack, including several songs with vocals.
Check out the new trailer featuring one of the songs, “Zen zen zense” on Yahoo! Movies!
>Trailer on Yahoo! Movies

2016/3/25 Notification

New poster visual released for “your name.”


A new poster visual has been released for the film “your name.”
It will be used across theaters in Japan starting April 16th (Sat.).

2016/2/25 Notification

Comic Edition of “She and Her Cat” Begins Serialization

The comic edition of “She and Her Cat,” the work that marks the genesis of Makoto Shinkai’s directing career, begins serialization today in the April edition of the comic magazine “Afternoon”!

Original Story: Makoto Shinkai
Manga: Tsubasa Yamaguchi

2015/12/17 Notification

“Makoto Shinkai Works”-English site now OPEN

“Makoto Shinkai Works / Makoto Shinkai official portal site” is now OPEN in English!